Our Story

To create luxurious skincare and beauty products that are clean, effective, and affordable.


Klasee Beauty was founded in 2020 by De ’Borah who saw a need for quality makeup at a reasonable price for women of all ages. We launched our product line because we believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty.

We've all been there: you go to the makeup counter excited to find a product you'll love, only to leave disappointed because nothing is working (or even shows up!) on your skin tone. Where other brands can make women of color feel like an afterthought, at Klasee you're our focus. Whether you are Hispanic, Black, Indian, or of any shade of brown Klasee is for you.

We promise to always put you first - because no one deserves to be an afterthought.  You do not need to spend a fortune to look and feel great. I strive to teach others learning how to correctly apply makeup, which is a passion for me. Making others feel beautiful & classy is my goal. Klasee is a diverse opened hearted company that vows to provide the best prices with quality products along with the best professional customer service. We are here to stay!


Here at Klasee Beauty, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our goal is to make a difference, and slowly we can.


What goes in and on your body matters. Our skincare, beauty, and wellness products are created without using animal products, by-products, or derivatives. We do not test products or ingredients on animals.